About Us

Trendnet Ltd, the company, was founded in 2006. Consists of two shareholders who are George Georgiou and Christos Georgiou. The business is about technology products like desktops, laptops, printers, TV’s & monitors, peripherals, cables, cameras, input & storage devices, home audio, security systems & automation, air condition, smart devices and smart homes.

In the beginning the company only works with two companies and the products were marketed primarily laptops and printers. Customers were mostly relatives, friends and acquaintances. In the course of expanding the cooperation with more and more suppliers and also increases the buying public. Growing range of products both in variety and new brands and quality. Also, is investing time in research and product development. Coming now to undertake large companies procuring them with high-tech products such as alarm systems and automation.


The company maintained an office in Psaron Street in Paphos, a small neighborhood. Recently, however, renovate and operate a new store on Athens Avenue (100m from the Fire Department).


As part of its development is progressing on the design of ecommerce shop, in order to better serve its customers, existing and new, to increase sales and profits at the same time.


The size of the market where the company is aiming is all the Cypriot market. The technology products aimed at very large percentage of Cypriot consumers. The prospect of developing the technology and consumers assumed. Today, technology products covering the needs for communication, entertainment, information, education, health, safety, transportation (navigation) and many others. The main features of the market is the speed at which it develops, competition, and ignorance that arise because of rapid growth. Also, a significant potential for growth and networking with more and more large companies.


Products and services available through the shop are desktops, laptops, printers, peripherals, consumables, TVs & monitors, media players, audio systems, input & storage devices, navigators.


The products will be promoted from the online store will be selected from the best manufacturers at affordable prices. The service will be immediate and will provide safety and security.